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Cuil Search

May 26, 2009

As a follow on to the previous entry, I recently came across the semantic search engine, Cuil.

Did ever so much better than W|A on the search terms I used, and produced a more usable set than did the Goog.

Popped up the right names for reconstructability analysis and edge of chaos, picked up on Wolfram and cellular automata. Got the dates right. Got good stuff on handbells and filk, and even came up with the first use of the term ‘filk’ music. Apparently by Karen and Poul Anderson. I like it.

Wolfram Alpha

May 16, 2009

Just tried out the public alpha version of Alpha. It’s interesting, has potential, but is no threat to

Didn’t know:
click fraud
chaos theory
edge of chaos
neural net

Minimal info on:

Useful stuff on:
Spokane, WA (but not on the river)
Princess Mononoke

Way too deep too fast on:
cellular automata (Wolfram wrote a 12lb book on it)

Didn’t match April 11, 1970 with Apollo 13
Didn’t match Sep 2, 1945 with end of WWII