Requiem for a dog 3

So, Amelia, the golden retriever, who was down, then up, then down again, is now up, and has been for a couple of days. It’s me that’s been down, with the pNeumonia. Based on the xrays, she is doomed. The mass on her spleen is what is probably bleeding intermittently. The real killer is her lungs, which are so full of tumors that she can’t even be sedated. We are on a day to day with her. Right now, she is still happy and bouncy and spoiled, and she could drop over at any moment. So, of course, could any of us.



2 Responses to “Requiem for a dog 3”

  1. Vandana Singh Says:

    Best of luck to you both! My dog has been sick for a few days and sleep and I have become strangers to each other. I know how it is.

    May Amelia surprise and confound the docs, or failing those, go peacefully if she must, and may you only have hallucinations when you want to commit fiction.


    • steveshervais Says:

      Thanks. Amelia went down again this morning. Not as hard as before — she can still get her head up, and is on her stomach, not her side. Just took lots of water, but refused food. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, just weak, and she’s happy between bouts. We’ll continue day to day.

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