They hate us for our freedoms 9

This has been a hectic quarter, and I haven’t had time to do much Deep Thinking on Important Topics. I hope to wrap up this THUFOF series come summer (i.e. mid June).

One thing that has come to mind, that I thought I’d throw out into the bit-stream is the incompetence of the Times Square bomber. He didn’t know what fertilizer/oil combination to use, he didn’t know to open the propane vents, he didn’t know how to make a decent fuze. He didn’t know enough about stealing cars to know there are multiple VN ID locations. He was an incompetent loser.

No he wasn’t. He was an ordinary guy. Desperate, but ordinary.

He didn’t know these things because he was, at one time, like us, a normal, law-abiding citizen. He was in desperate straits. He finally snapped. He’s like an office worker who goes on a rampage with a letter opener, because that’s all he’s got. Now, admittedly, this wasn’t the action of a moment. He visited Pakistan. He moved his family. He planned. But even with a running start, he was such a normal, gormless, guy that nothing worked.

Would you have been able to do any better? Would your neighbor?

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