Wednesday Wii – Wii Trips 2

Just back from a week long cruise to Alaska. No Wii. No internet ($100 for 250 min or $0,75/min a la carte for a slow connection). Gained 6lb, which shows that a week-long trip to Portland is worse for you than an all-you-can-eat cruise.

What I discovered was, you can’t do yoga on a ship at sea. Well, I can’t. Even tied up at the dock, there’s enough sway that I fall over. As for the non-balance exercises, there’s just not enough room. For Sun Salutation I found myself reaching up, then bending my elbows, because the cabin roof was only about 7′ up. Then bend down, rotate right and swing left arm out to avoid the fixed table and rotate back left while attempting to touch toes. I declined to go up on the main deck and do these exercises while standing on the shuffleboard court (Mommy! Look at the funny man!).


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