Super Harvest Moon

Not the game, the real thing. Full moon at Autumnal Equinox. Here is a writeup. It’s tonight, Wednesday, so get out there and look. Note that we are only a couple nights past the closest approach of Jupiter to Earth in about 40 years, so that bright star next to the moon is pretty much as big as it gets.

In the modern recreation of our supposed Celtic past (and who doesn’t yearn to be Irish?) this is the festival called Mabon, and for the Japanese, it is しゅうぶんのひ. In the Anglo-Saxon lunar calendar, this full moon would probably signal the boundary between Wéodmónaþ (weed month) and Háligmónaþ (holy month)*.

We haven’t had a hummer at the feeder for a full week now, so I guess it’s time to bring them in.

*This is a correction, I was at the wrong month boundary.



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