Ergotron Lx Keyboard Arm Update

This is an update on my original review. I was planning to do this at the six month point but I decided to move it up a month, to get it out before Christmas, if anyone is thinking of buying one for a stocking stuffer. So, I’ve had the arm for five months now and my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s still a solid piece of work.

That said, the tendency to sag to the mouse side is a little irritating. At least it hasn’t gotten worse. I am measuring it at almost exaclty one inch of sag when the arm and mousepad are fully deployed. Since I am working in front of an existing keyboard tray, I’ve found that one workaround is to over-rotate the arm slightly, and support the mousepad on the edge of the tray. I then counter-rotate the keyboard on the arm to compensate.

My only other advice is to pay attention to how you are routing your keyboard and mouse cables. Mine come in from the side and unless I am careful they will snag the various parts of the arm when I swing it into position.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE October, 2011: About four months ago I swapped out my wired keyboard & mouse for a wireless one. The wireless signal gets attenuated by the back of the tray. Pulling the keyboard away from the back an inch or so helps. Resting it on top of a keyboard box (or Amazon equivalent) helps even more.

I still like it.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATED UPDATE February, 2013: Still going strong after almost three years. In addition to the attenuation problem, I found the monitor setup was sometimes blocking the signal. I finally velcro’d the keyboard/mouse sensor to the top of the arm. It’s a little tricky because the armtop isn’t flat, but once the stickyback took hold it worked fine. The other thing I did was get a slab of 1″ styrofoam and cut it to the exact shape needed to hold the keyboard. The box was a little too high and a little too deep.

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