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The Future of Blogging

December 31, 2010

If I have posted more items recently, it’s because I am on Christmas Break and am indulging myself. It’s like being retired – retirement being a topic that crosses my mind more often these days, usually thumbing its nose at me as it passes on to more likely targets. But it’s nice to have a long stretch with no particular responsibilities. Of course, I should be prepping for next term, but that can wait until the weekend, when we kick off the New Year. (more…)

Taisho Baseball Girls, the anime

December 23, 2010

Or, as the original Japanese has it, Taisho Baseball Daughters. It’s a light, twelve episode anime based on a series of light novels (which evidently haven’t been released in the US). The target audience is reportedly Seinen, or YA boys. I am not sure I’d agree. This is a girls sports anime all the way. Sure, there are boys, but the girls have to play somebody. I liked it, even though it was too sugary-sweet in places. This would make a great Disney movie, if only they could get a dog into it. (more…)

A Thousand Views

December 13, 2010

Earlier today this blog went over the one thousand views mark. yay. One thousand views, total, including some counts that were me adding links, and yeah, OK, probably half were automatically-generated links from not-quite-spam sites, not real people.

It only took nine months. There are sites who do that daily, hourly, every minute. That’s fine. I’m doing this mainly for me. But, still, thanks for stopping and taking a look.

Why I switched to Linux – A Christmas Story

December 10, 2010

This article from TechDirt started me thinking about my own experiences with Windows.

I have worked with Microsoft products for almost a quarter of a century. My involvement goes back to DOS and Win 2.0. When I was a contractor I built Foxpro database applications for the USAF, programming in the Foxpro version of dBase. When I was getting my Ph.D, I paid my dorm rent by working as a free-lance MS Access developer, programming genetics tracking software for OHSU. At one point I taught VB programming, until we switched to PHP. Even today, I teach Microsoft Office as part of our core business classes. What I’ve found is that my engagement with Microsoft has gone through three phases — enthusiasm, hatred, and contempt.

I’ll skip the intervening decades of technical disappointment and ethical disillusionment, this is a Christmas story, after all. (more…)

Big Windup (part 2), the anime

December 6, 2010

I reviewed Part 1 earlier. Having watched Part 2, all I can say is, releasing this first season into the US in two separate increments is the marketing equivalent of crimes against humanity. The second half of the season is everything the first half was, and wasn’t. What’s changed is that the characters have settled down, and the wimpy hero, Mihashi, becomes incredibly less wimpy, as he starts to grow into his role as ace pitcher for the team. He even gets a girl. (more…)

Thoughts on Wikileaks 3

December 6, 2010

I thought I better start numbering them — you know, like world wars.

Since we are only about one tenth of one percent of the way through the leakage, I suspect we’re all going to succumb to adrenaline exhaustion before this thing works its way out. I’d just like to make two quick comments on the current news.

1. Go read Clay Shirkey’s post. It says everything far better than I can. In particular, the part about your position on the leaks being conditioned on your position on government. (more…)

My Grandmother’s Turkey Stuffing 2 – Leftovers

December 3, 2010

When properly made, the stuffing has a stiffness and consistency something like cold mashed potatoes (even when hot). It’s not as mushy as hot mashed potatoes, and it’s not as crumbly as bread stuffing. This makes it a perfect basis for leftover stuffing sandwiches. Just slice a slab off the cold stuffing and eat in a sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise. For a special treat, cut off a thin slice of jellied cranberry sauce – the standard canned variety, and add that. No turkey meat needed.

A Leak Too Far?

December 1, 2010

So, the latest massive wikileak has gone public, and now the black helicopters are out after Assange and the State Department is putting serious efforts into damage control. How will the US fare when all the dust has settled? I think, pretty well. (more…)