Wednesday Wii – Weight…Wait, What?

Others may have noticed this, but I don’t normally read the Wii forums and such – it’s more fun to discover stuff on my own.

So, yesterday, my wife is running late for some meeting, and we are splitting the make coffee/start Wii chores. She’s making her coffee (’cause she knows how she likes it), and I’m starting up the Wii so that she can take a quick Body Test before heading out. I go through the usual: start TV, start Wii, click the (A) to tell it the controller is there, click on the Wii Fit+ channel, tell it to start; then confirm that I have the strap around my wrist so the controller won’t fly away when it sees my weight, watch as the two figures come trotting out (well, her’s trots, mine waddles) and tell it I’m her. I then (A) and lip-synch my way through the greetings, and kick the Balance Board Button on command.

It starts up and does the usual “Starting Up….Step On…Oh, Ow…Ready”, and at that point I step off. She comes over a minute later, having gotten her coffee fixed to local perfection, steps on, tells it how much her clothes weight, and stands with her feet equally apart (the left one is just as far apart as the right one). “Measuring… measuring… measuring… all done.” “Wow! You’ve gained 86 pounds since yesterday! It’s going to be hard to reach your goal at this rate.”

Yep. All the “measuring” stage does is check your balance. Your actual weight is measured when first you step on. I tested this later, by holding two weights on startup.

This is yet another small but telling indication of sloppy interface design. You are telling the user you are booting up, and then you are doing a measurement at the same time. Later, you imply that you are about to measure the weight by asking about the clothing — we won’t go into the silliness of first asking if they can tell us the weight of the clothing, and then saying ‘OK, tell me’. Among other things, it makes it hard to debug errors because things don’t happen when you think they do.

But, what does this mean to you, the user? I mean in a practical, everyday sense? Well, it says you have to be ready for weigh-in when you step on. No wearing your fuzzy bathrobe and bunny slippers to the very last moment, then throwing them off and standing there in your manly monokini. Like everything else in this world, you have to have your fighting leathers on from the moment you grasp the controller.


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3 Responses to “Wednesday Wii – Weight…Wait, What?”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Don’t forget, Flash Gordon did it all in a monokini.

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      I was thinking of John Carter, Of Mars. Not sure what his ‘fighting leathers’ looked like, but I imagine them as something you would find if you searched Google Images for “borat mankini”, only with a frog clip for the sword, and in brown.

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