Wednesday Wii — Wii Game Play(s)

Here is a review, not by me, of The Wii Plays, an off-Broadway performance that’s a series of playlets that are based, too loosely it would seem, on various games in the Wii repertoire.

If I read the review correctly, any budding playwright or high school drama group can do something like this. The trick is to rummage around your playchest until you find a brief verbal passe d’armes between two actors (a scene cut from a previous play, a scriblet of what might be a future play, a weekend writing assignment), and then change the setting so that it can be construed to be associated with the Wii. Set it in a Wii location (the bar in the Wii Resort?). Give the characters Wii game identities (Link as a high school boy asking Zelda for a date?). As long as you do more than just paint the set white with blue-green trim you should be OK.


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