Bad Boot Blues

So, I come home from my morning class, and my Ubuntu machine says it has an update for me. I install the update, because one must keep up with the security patches, and it asks for a reboot. This is moderately unusual. Unlike Windows or Mac, only about one in five or six Linux patches requires restarting the machine. [begin rant] and why does Mac need so much rebooting? Mac OS X is Unix, and doesn’t need it, unless they are doing something nefarious with iTunes. [end rant]

At any rate, I rebooted. The machine beeped once, flashed the Sys76 logo, and went blank. Required a power-cycle restart. When I booted with F12 I got:

DHCP …with spinner, for a while, then

PXE-E53 No boot filename recieved
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

Doubleplus ungood.

Now, I have most of my current files backed up, but I don’t have my …bookmarks, wand passwords, Twitter, Skype, Facebook stuff backed. Until this is resolved, I am thrown back on online resources, like gmail, and the school machines, plus any old boxen I can dig out of the closet [See, Mrs, there’s a reason to keep all that stuff]. Thank ghu I live most of my life off a USB stick.

Absent expert advice, which I am soliciting on the fora, either my hard drive chose this moment to fail-without-warning, or something in the update overwrote my boot sector.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: 1352/17/02/2011
Looks like it’s a problem with the GRUB bootloader. Easily fixable if I can find my live CD.
LATER UPDATE: This had a happy ending



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