Why I’m Staying With Linux — A Valentine’s Day Story

OK, the week after Valentine’s day. A post-Valentineism. Look on this as a sequel to the Christmas Story.

It all started with an update. Linux updates more often than the other OS’s, because bug fixes are released as they are completed. Also Linux updates everything. You don’t have to go check each product to see if there’s an update (or worse, have one pop up when you open your app because need to use it right now!). Every few years, something goes wrong.

As I said in an earlier post, there was an update that broke my system. GRUB went away. Wouldn’t boot. Best I could get was a message from the Intel boot genie that no-one had given it a bootfile name. Turned on one of my backup machines and went onto the Ubuntu forums. I had a useful answer within an hour.

Let me say that again. Within an hour of posting, I had a response from someone at the company that had built my computer. Nobody gave me a runaround. Nobody accused me of piracy. Nobody pointed a finger and said I should talk to some other company. They didn’t laugh when I downloaded the wrong fix (twice). They just provided good, solid help. If it hadn’t been for the timing, my schedule, and slow internet connection, I’d have had it fixed that day.

Linux. Yeah. I’m keeping it.


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