Sendai flood from Space Update

Actually, Sendai doesn’t appear on the latest NASA images, it’s off the picture to the north. These new pictures confirm that the southern extent of the flooding is roughly at Ukedo. On the right-hand image that’s on the north edge of the small puff-ball white cloud sitting right on the coast.

NASA image

These look to be near-Infra-Red spectrum, false color images, where foliage is pink-to-red (depending on its development), deep water is blue (unless turbid), and shallow water is dark-to-light grey. Judging from the lighter shading, the two patches of flooding there are not as bad as elsewhere, but if your home has water up to your knees, it’s not much consolation to think that at least it’s not up to your waist.

If I am map-matching correctly, the Fukushima nuclear plants are further south still, right at the bottom of the image.


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3 Responses to “Sendai flood from Space Update”

  1. Sendai flood from space « FoundOnWeb Says:

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  2. Jon Carter Says:

    You’re right about the power plants. Dai Ichi would be just barely off your map in Futaba. I grew up in Namie, so I’m real familiar with that area. Thanks so much for this info. I’ve been trying to find out what I can about Ukedo and Namie.

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      Thanks for the ground confirmation. It’s funny, Ukedo is on the Google map, but the search function doesn’t know it. Presumably some level of flooding took place further south – enough to drown the seaside diesel generators at the Fukushima – but it doesn’t show. I suspect the coast there is like much of the Central Coast of California, just a steep drop into the sea.

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