Picture Stories from Earth: Tsunami Destruction

This one’s not as much fun as the first Picture Story from Earth. Google updates its imagery as new sources become available, and it runs its street view vehicles when and as it can. The street view is rarely the same day as the overhead.

In Japan, Google ran its street view cars through parts of the area destroyed by the tsunami, but not all of them. In some cases, you can look at the current overhead, and then at the same view from street level, pre-tsunami. It makes the tragedy more personal. The two photos below are from Ishinomaki, one of the harder-hit cities.

First, we have the street view, taken just after the camera car has turned a corner.

Ishinomaki Before the Tsunami.

The car is parked next to a building with a blue roof (out of the frame on the right), and the second building on the left has a false front on the roof.

Here is the same location, post-tsunami. You can see the two buildings on the left but most of the rest have been destroyed. The location is 38d 25m 09.46s N / 141d 19m 16.88s E

Ishinomaki After the Tsunami.

Of course, through the History feature, you can toggle the overhead to before and after the tsunami, but, to me, the ground view is more immediate.

12 August UPDATE:
Culture Japan has a much better set of image pairs.


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