Interesting WordPress Occurence

This blog doesn’t get a lot of views. The most active posts seem to be my HOTD entries, via searches on things like fanservice, which says something about the demographic I attract, I guess. Just now (according to WP emails), my entry on the end of the shuttle era got three ‘likes’, with no comments, all from people with French-sounding names like ‘tempestelandry’, and all sent at the same second, ostensibly from the Seattle area. The thing is, nobody’s looked at that entry for two weeks, and I’m pretty sure I know who’s responsible for all of the hits.

Presumably this is some sort of automated spam/link-spam ploy, the mechanism of which escapes me. The three names have gravitars, but no gravitar profiles, and no WP presence that I can find.

Ah, the Internet. It’s never boring.



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