Socialized Medicine

The website also known as is a lighthearted news concentrator that specializes in funny link headlines. Often the links are to incidents involving the phrase hold my beer and watch this. Other times, the headline is a humorous alternative worthy of The Onion.

Yesterday, there was a link to a New York Times table showing Standard & Poore’s Sovereign Risk credit ratings for various countries. This was, of course, triggered by S&P’s downgrading of US government credit from its historical AAA stable to AA+ with a negative outlook. That means we are on our way to joining the Slovak Republic as someone you’d want to loan money to. The reason given was an entirely valid concern that the way we approach politics these days makes a future could-if-they-would-but-they-won’t default a real possibility.

What prompted this post was the Fark headline, which noted that the only countries now holding a AAA rating are ones which also have socialized medicine systems.

Just sayin.


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