Golden Curry Oatmeal

In honor of my 200th post, let me revisit the curried oatmeal meme. I started the oatmeal series by adding plain old curry powder to oatmeal. That didn’t work very well, because the two flavors never blended. You had the curry/onion/garlic flavor (mostly curry), and the oatmeal flavor (needs salt). Part of that might have been that I used instant oatmeal, and part of it might be that curry powder wasn’t the right approach. Adding more jam helped.

The night before this experiment, I used up some leftover pork by frying it up with onions and adding a block of Golden Curry to the mix. It needed a little more liquid to make it work, but it was OK, and it got me thinking on the curried oatmeal track again.

Golden Curry is a Japanese staple (all my Japanese students swear by it) but it’s not just a powder, or a powdered mix. Instead, it’s a solidified block of roux. Golden Curry boxThe home-made route would be to mix flour, oil, and curry powder and let it brown a little, just like you would a roux for a French sauce. The GC people also add sugar and salt (more of those than of the curry powder itself), plus some unspecified ‘spices’ and a tiny amount — based on its location on the ingredients list — of MSG (which is how you’re supposed to use MSG, it’s not salt).

So, when breakfast time rolled around and I saw the curry dishes in the sink (MJ was off on a trip, OK? I’m batching it.), I decided to make another stab at curried oatmeal.

Now, GC comes in a candy-bar-sized slab that hovers right on the boundary between cuttable and crumbly. Like some hard cheeses. I cut a (more-or-less) quarter inch slice off (weight, 13g). A third of a cup of Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Rolled Oatmeal weighs 36g, and I used a little over a cup of water (211g by weight). So, the proportions were, rounding very roughly, 1:3:15. This, BTW, is about half again the amount of water Ol’ Bob recommends.

Boil water (actually, apple juice is better), drop in curry, and a bit of salt. Stirr until curry chunk dissolves. Add oatmeal and bring back to a boil. Turn heat down to low. Set timer at five minute intervals so you can come back and stir. Cook for 20min, rest for five.

TASTE: Very Good. Surprisingly good. The extra time and the rouxiness helped a lot. You could serve this for lunch, or as the ‘starch’ dish at dinner. Maybe add some dried fruit chunks, or crushed garlic. Or jam. Curry goes good with jam.

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