The GOP and America

Normally I don’t post links or comments unless I have something useful to add, but these two links are important.

President Reagan’s Director of the OMB, on how the GOP is destroying America.

And here’s a senior GOP Congressional staffer who just retired after 28 years, including service on the House and Senate Budget Committees. He couldn’t take it any more. Here’s his view of today’s GOP. Senior Congressional staffers are incredibly powerful — they not only know where all the bodies are buried, they helped bury most of them.

These are not wild-eyed leftists. They both held responsible positions in the executive and legislative branches of the government. One of them is writing for the Wall Street Journal. You don’t get better conserva-cred than that. And they’re both saying the same thing. The GOP is in thrall to the corporate world and is willing to destroy the country to achieve their goals.

At least they are consistent

It’s inconceivable to me how any thinking person can read these, look at the hard evidence, and then vote for any GOP candidate for a position higher than County Commissioner of Sanitation.

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