Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 110912

Tomatoes continue to dribble in. The red cherries and the sungold cherries are ripening at the rate of two or three per day. The big beefs are about tennis-ball-sized and are just starting to turn.

The heirlooms, including the brandywines are all lumpy and look like cojoined twins, to the point that parts of them are ripening before other parts. We tried some dark tomatoes this year — chocolate cherries. They are actually about smallish-plum size, and ripen to a dark brown instead of red.

Down the south side of the house, the Mr Stripeys and the others (lost the tabs) are still not turning. Nothing grows well there. Maybe too much sun. Well the basil (two kinds) is doing OK.

Flavor of both the heirlooms and the chocs is so-so. I don’t think we’ll try either experiment again.

Unlike previous years, the ones we planted in upside-down pots are doing very well. The key seems to be to get them as big as possible, to the point where they almost just can’t quite fit in when you transplant them to the upside-down world.

Bought an artichoke plant off a man down the pub this Spring. Couldn’t see his face. Said it would do fine in this area.

We planted it next the unkillable rhubarb. Seemed to grow alright, except the leaves kept getting et by things. Just got one baseball-sized choke off it, and there’s another coming on. Come winter, we’ll cut it back and cover it up and see if it survives. Cooked it with a much bigger commercial ‘choke, and OK, a can of hearts, and made artichoke soup. Very good, very lemony.


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