Coffee Oatmeal

OK, now we’re just getting silly. Coffee oatmeal? Well, this is just one more step in our exploration of interesting liquids to cook oatmeal in. And at the end of the day it turns out that it’s not such a silly idea after all.

Standard setup. One single drip cup of freshly brewed coffee. One third of a cup of 20min oatmeal. You know the drill by now.

Results: Not as bad as you might think. With three teaspoons of sweetner, it tastes a little like some of the coffee-flavored baked goods you come across. It needed something more, and I thought that jam probably wouldn’t work, so I added some non-dairy creamer, just like you would with your regular morning coffee. I’m not going to put this in my regular breakfast rotation, but now and again wouldn’t be bad.


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