Fun With Vocabulary

Sakura Taisen, AKA Sakura Wars, AKA Cherry Blossom Wars, is a game/anime franchise that I will be reviewing Real Soon Now. It’s a dieselpunk story that takes place in 1920’s Tokyo and involves a group of young women who perform in the opera by day, and control steam-driven mechs in combat at night.

Adapted from the Wikipedia entry on Sakura Taisen:

The Japanese words for “Imperial Floral Assault Force” (帝国華撃団) and “Imperial Opera Troupe” (帝国歌劇団 ) are pronounced the same way (Teikoku Kagekidan), and only the characters used in writing are different, resulting in a clever pun. Thus, the Flower Division performs as one during the day, and “changes characters” come time for battle.

BTW, the last character appears to be pronounced as two syllables: dah.nn, not dan. In the opening song, that phrase gets a ten-count.


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3 Responses to “Fun With Vocabulary”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Speaking of fun with vocabulary, and having what must be a skull honeycombed with a maze of twisty passages where epiphany, like Bilbo Baggins, takes the long road to the light, I just grasped the multiple meanings of your tagline for this blog. Everything from following a natural and important obligation to, well, changing things by existing or observing (not “accidental”–there must be a word that describes how something that is part of a system changes/influences it simply by being). The latter could be seen as passive. If you reduce scope to the acts of writing this online journal and reading it, where there’s a range of active intent on your part from this is what I think and why it’s important or this is what I’m doing to viewing that may or may not be of interest, passive don’t enter into it. Nor do I think you meant to be clever for clever’s sake. (Of course, I may have overthought all this and you just wrote it for fun, your subconscious jumping on the bed.)

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      Well, I didn’t think it through quite in that depth, but yeah, you are going to change the world, just by existing. Every node in a system has the potential to drive the system (entice the system, inadvertantly influence the system) to some new emergent state. It’s like the classic (not classical) description of gravity as a ball on a rubber sheet. You have an array of balls, that have achieved some equilibrium, and if you set another ball down anywhere it disturbs the equilibrium for all.

      • Kurt Says:

        Or the new classic example of observation in quantum physics skewing the results by default. I know whenever I look through at quarks they all rush to the glass to wave, hold up signs, and try to sell me trinkets. It’s damn near impossible to be a quantum anthropologist.

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