Halloween Live Blog

8:00 All done. Lights out. Street is pretty dark already. Anybody want some candy?

7:45 Two young men sans costumes, from Cheney food drive, collecting canned food instead of treats. Gave them some tuna and condensed milk. They may not want to use it together. They also knew what a portal was.

7:30 Another half hour and I can turn off all the lights and go hide downstairs.

7:27 Large round mother cat with small round daughter cat. Unloaded lots of candy on them.

7:20 Bouncing ‘twixt door and blog and email.

7:15 All’s quiet on the Cheney front. No knoc….small child with proud father, both as pirates. Kid has no concept of modern business practice.

6:50 Whole family of ninjas, including Darth Ninja, who promptly attempted to break his kneecap on my porch steps. Had no idea what a portal was.

6:40 four young angel/dark angel/ ghosts. They knew what a Portal was. Gave them extra candy.

6:30 All’s quiet. Back to reading my netbook in the foyer.

No, don't pull it off the garage and jump thru it

6:22 one young man who looked like he’d come home from school (jeans, anorak, flannel shirt), put on a regimental tie, and went back out. Claims to be dressed as a businessman. Told him I teach in a B’ school and we’d throw him out. He pointed at my Portal cake sign, and said it was a lie, and left.


6:00 four teen girls, dressed as Maid Sama, and a cat and as someone smuggling coconuts in her mumu. The signs confused them. They took the garage door hula hoop and put it on the porch. They liked my Velma t-shirt, so I gave them extra candy.

My Halloween t-shirt

5:30 I am handling all the largesse tonight, since MJ is off dogging it.

5:00 Put up the outer decorations — some Portal 2 signs, and some blue and red hula hoops. Portal 2 “cake” sign on door, “terminal velocity” sign on porch, “change direction” sign on garage, with blue hula hoop.

Not a lie

NOTE: All Portal signs stolen from Deviant Art, and were made by toadking07.

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6 Responses to “Halloween Live Blog”

  1. Kurt Says:

    I was the lone candyman last night, too–Debby took the kids to her sisters for some Scooby gang-related trick-r-treating (with Sophie, Noah, and my niece and nephew and their friendly dog, sadly no one coordinated a Scooby and the Gang group costume–although Sophie did go as Wednesday Adams and went to each door saying, “Do not be afraid, we are merely children.” (Some people got it, others thought she was Amish, a Pilgrim, or a Nun.) Noah was her companion, a very well mannered ghoul in bow tie–he’s a sweet boy, if you don’t mind his axe. Niece and nephew went respectively as an anime sparkle girl–you would have appreciated the costume–and Luigi, the star of a one man show, Looking for Mario.) We had 6 sets of kids come to our door, 3 of them neighbors, one a set of teenage girls, and this year, surprisingly no teenage boys. One of the teen girls was dressed as Puss in Boots, but had a rapier wit instead of a sword. For that, I gave her a handful of candy, after which she told me saying that had been working for her all night–her companions agreed, so I gave them extra, too. We didn’t do anything as clever as you, just candles in the house, jack-o-lanterns and skeleton hanging on the porch, didn’t sweep spiderwebs for a week, and let the leaves, weather-worn front yard garden, and horned moon do the rest. In between doorbells I worked by the light of the laptop (my little moon in a box) in a spreadsheet my editorial partner and I have viscerally named the Big Chunk Breakup (it’s thousands of pieces of drug-related editorial data from documents that need to be imported into our CMS and mapped to our taxonomy. We also call it the Sheet That Never Ends (it goes on and on my friends). It has another name, NSFPC. Instead of candy, I could have asked those kids or their parents which drugs they were taking then told them which nutrients (food or supplement) to avoid or add, but I’m getting too old to clean up raw egg on siding.

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      Prolly most folks aren’t old enough to remember Wednesday.

      WRT older teens, I had given some thought to handing out old phone books to them instead of candy. Almost did with the faux-businessman.

      Anytime anyone talks about a big, complex spreadsheet, I immediately think …relational database. Much as I hate to say it, MS Access is probably the easiest to use. I’ve been working with LibreOffice.Base, but it’s a little too industrial strength for casual use.

      • Kurt Says:

        Not to stray too far off topic, but the spreadsheet is for import into our MSSQL-based CMS, where we’ll have far more control over the info. A spreadsheet was the most portable device we could think of that lay people (like our Editorial staff) could work in. Access is nice in that there are few friendly ways to create or run a query in Excel (although it’s still the only great Office tool that MS ever made) and it’s very easy to write queries in Access. But we’ve moved away from it, so. The problem with this project is that it shouldn’t have been put in one sheet and that we are dealing with historical editorial info that was written as documents instead of data. Conversion of one to another is always kind of painful. On the plus side, I know what to do. On the negative side, I know what to do.

        In Mint 11, I see that Open Office is deprecated and now Libre is the choice. Fine with me–it works well enough, and also works well for Noah on his older computer (where I replaced XP with Mint, giving it longer life or at least better security and less post-setup admin.)

      • FoundOnWeb Says:

        Ah, I’d fogot about MSSQL. Sound like you’re doing it right, or at least as right as history will allow. Getting off-topic on the off-topic, the WP display of your reply to my reply put your gravatar on top of the reply link, so I had to go in thru the dashboard to do this.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Meant to add, I really like the t-shirt.

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