I used to dress like this

When I was in the UK, and Back East, and subject to more fitful weather and more formal lifestyle, this was the way to go. OK, not the Ascot. Still, it’s very New/Old English/DC Winter professionalwear. Indeed, I knew Englishmen who would garden in such togs — plus Wellies.

Now, of course, I am a Professor, and Out West. The Professor part means I can wear those kinds of clothes in to class after gardening. The Western part means I can be all blue-jeans and checked-shirt and informal about things (well, socks, so semi-formal). I don’t believe I’ve worn a tie to class this century.

Nontheless, it’s an interesting website to wander ’round. Anything to keep from grading programming homework.



2 Responses to “I used to dress like this”

  1. Kurt Says:

    I see a magazine titled The Well Checkered Erudite with The Men of EWU as the feature.

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