Fun With Vocabulary

One source of fun are expressions where the words say one thing, but the meaning is something more. We say a day late and a dollar short, for someone who hasn’t done something in time. In Japanese, it’s とおかのきく (, a ten-day (とおか) chrysanthemum (きく). It turns out, there’s a chrysanthemum festival on the ninth day of the ninth (formerly lunar) month. If your ‘mum blooms on the tenth day, you are, you know, a day late and a dollar short.



2 Responses to “Fun With Vocabulary”

  1. Kurt Says:

    That describes the late grape harvest in Oregon and Washington this year.

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      I keep reading how wet and mouldy things are down there. We had our first snow yesterday, 197 days after the last one of last winter. So spring/summer/fall had to fit into six months this year.

      But on the bright side, “Tweets of Old” reports:

      “There are some very handsome apples now for sale in Portland. They retail at $1.75 per box. OR 1892”

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