PotatOats 5

Today’s Oataku Adventure is potatoats and wine. Specifically, a Hogue Late Harvest Riesling, 2007. Screw top but, you know, quality screw top. Standard mix (I’m thinking of making up a whole box of the stuff), one quarter cup oatmeal (20min this time), one tablespoon potato flakes. One third cup of wine, two-thirds cup of chicken broth. A few shakes of poultry seasoning, a few grinds of dried garlic, and a few more grinds of dried mushrooms. Salt.

Bring fluids and spices to a boil, drop in oats and potatoes. Reduce to low heat. Cook for twenty minutes.

Go do morning exercises on the Wii Fit, stopping to stir every two or three exercises, depending.

Results — superb. Didn’t need anything. Wine had cooked down to just flavor, much better than the red I tried last time (of course, that was pre-potato). Garlic added a nice touch. Mushrooms barely noticeable. Would make a very nice side dish for dinner, particularly if garnished with a steak.

For next time:
1. Add potatoes just before removing from heat. They don’t need to cook, and they soak up the liquid like crazy.
2. Try the grinder with the rosemary/garlic mix instead of garlic and mushrooms.
3. Think about a dry Chablis for next time.


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4 Responses to “PotatOats 5”

  1. vsinghsblog Says:

    Gosh, you have a lot of patience. All I can find time for (when it isn’t just cheese rolled up in a tortilla between class, a visit home to take care of doggie, and another class) is stuff like frozen mixed veggies sauteed with garlic and cilantro leaves and cooked diced potatoes, spiced lightly with chaat masala from the Indian store, eaten with a dollop of Trader Joe’s yogurt-chives-cilantro dip used as a moisturizer inside a (you guessed it) tortilla. Quite decent, actually, although the kind with diced garnet yams is better and more nutritious.,

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      Actually, it’s not that time-intensive. Two quick measures (liquid and oats), three or four quick shakes/grinds. The stove does most of the work.

      I only eat the 20min stuff when I have time to exercise while it’s cooking. On class days, I use the 1min variety. Never the instant — too many long-chain organomettalic additives. The cook time is also a good time to empty the dish washer, etc.

      No patience required.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Steve, what about skipping the dried mushrooms (which for us are nice in soup but seem to get lost in thicker dishes) and instead of steak slicing up and stir frying a portobello then adding it in or on the side?

    (We just had masala for dinner with both frozen and fresh veg–including some diced yams–with an easy appetizer of hummus blended with olive oil, sundried tomatoes (from the bottomless jar in the fridge), and kalamata olives (scooped up with carrots and bread). TJ’s plain hummus is a nice base, very smooth and tasty.)

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