Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 111114

I should have issued this on Pocky Day: 111111

The gardening continues to wind down. Friday, I cut down all the dead plants, raked up all the leaves, carted it all to the big recycling dumpsters. Lots of people there with me, because we had the first snow of the season scheduled for Friday night. Since we had winds forecast to be gusting to 50, I did some extra shoring up of the plastic greenhouse.

I also moved all the tomato containers over to the garden, and dumped them at various spots. The plan is, the root-bound piles will erode back into the soil, and I’ll mix them with the mulch from the potato cans and a couple of cans from the recycling center when it opens in the spring, and give myself another inch of topsoil-like substance. It’s best to get this done as early as possible, because they get heavy when rained on and hard to work with when frozen. Since I haven’t totally given up on the peas, I can’t dig everything in just yet. Clearing the containers from the south side of the house let me move the two azelia pots over there. I’ll mulch them up and see if they can survive a winter outside.

The wind and snow came right on schedule. Half of the town was out of power, but the other two houses were OK. The greenhouse survived just fine. I calculated the time between snows from our last snow of the season at the end of April — 197 days. So Spring, Summer, and Fall had to fit into half a year this year, while Winter had the other six months to itself. I miss Portland. Hell, I miss Santa Maria.


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