It’s coming on winter, and MJ regularly goes soup-mad this time of year. We have a half-gallon each of a beef-broth vegetable soup, with corn and carrots, and a corn chowder. The corn is the last of the farmers market fresh stuff (don’t get me started on how my corn did).

Experiment 1 It struck me that a nice beefy soup might be the basis for an interesting oatmeal, so I scooped up a half-cup, poured it over the semi-instant oatmeal, and did the microwave thing. No potatoes, ’cause I wanted to see what the baseline flavor was. Had to add some additional hot water, because the measuring cup got more solids than I thought.

Result: very good. If somebody said “beef/oat stuffing for turkey” this is what would come to mind.

Experiment 2 More broth in the scoop. Added potatoes.

Result: Ended up a little drier than the first experiment, and it needed salt. Surprisingly, the potato flavor didn’t come through at all. I think I’ll stick with the first version.

Experiment 3 A couple weeks later, and MJ has made a big pot of refrigerator velcro soup. Everything in the vegetable bin that looked a little old, all of the odds and ends of meat from previous meals — grilled pork, chicken, ham — lots of boxed broth, and a small head of cabbage. This is in aid of cleaning out the fridge, because we are (yay) getting a new one. The old one was old and worn and shelf-broken when we moved in at the end of the last century. So now I get to try a different soup in my oats. Big, sloppy scoop of the soup, light on the oats, and no potatoes, because we are getting additional mass and calories from the soup particulates.

Result: Very good. Lots of flavor. Properly tuned, this would make another great stuffing. Not as good as my Grandmother’s potato stuffing, mind, but good enough for oats.


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