Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 111121

Looks like this will be the final report of the year.

Moved the last of the tomatoes out of the ripening boxen in the living room. About twenty of them, all in the cherry-to-smaller-than-golfball size. Total green tomatoes brought in for ripening was >60, and they pretty much all worked out. The Mr Stripey’s tended to dry and shrivel at the orange stage, so they looked like pumpkins for munchkins. We didn’t have any rot before ripening. If anything, the problem was that they all ripened at once. I am now convinced that warmth is the most important parameter.

I pulled up the artichoke. It produced two fruits, and we bought more at the farmer’s market, but we decided it was just too much work to get anything edible out of them.

This week we had a couple of 20F frosts, which pretty well did for the peas. So on Friday I spread the dirt from the tomato planters across the garden, and dug everything in. Of course, since only the top inch or so had thawed, it wasn’t much of a dig. Still, it got the dirt spread out and the plants mulched under. Then, this weekend, it snowed about 4″ worth, so I’m glad I did it.

Over Christmas I plan to sit down and think about what I want for next year. As I read somewhere, the reason for a home garden (other than getting dirt under your fingernails — a most overrated hobby) are to get vegetables that are 1. fresh (for peas, that’s important; for potatoes, not so much), 2. otherwise unobtainable (vampire squash vs plain old acorn), or 3. too expensive (I can’t think of an example that isn’t in (1) or (2) or that I can’t grow in the NENW anyhow). And, of course, I need to keep in mind that 197 day growing season.


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