I have been experimenting off and on with red wine instead of white as a cooking fluid for my morning oatmeal. In general, you want to use less red wine than you would white, because otherwise it tastes to winey. My taste runs to just under 1/4 cup of red wine — Merlot, Burgundswine, table plonk, vin exceedingly ordinaire, they all work — with the rest of the cup of liquid being beef stock. One third of a cup of long cook rolled oats. Tablespoon or heaping tablespoon of potato flakes. Season to taste. Seasonings should be robust enough to stand up to the wine/beef — garlic, rosemary, etc. I also tried a few shakes of Suzy-Q’s Santa Maria BBQ rub (mostly garlic salt and pepper). That was a little peppery for my taste. Shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Add the spices before the liquid starts to steam. Add the oats when it boils, and turn the burner to low. Cook for 15min. Turn the burner off and add the potatoes and cheese.

It all tasted pretty good, but as with most well-done beef flavors, it really needs some sort of gravy. Adding a little more stock, or a little less potato helped. I think it works best with the long-cook oats, because you want the oats to retain their shape in the gravy. With the short cook oats, your oatmeal comes out a little more porridge-y. Might be a good way to do steel cut. I’ll let you know, when that cycle rolls around again.


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