OaTea 2

In Part 1 I said that Chagayu (大和の茶がゆ) is rice cooked in green tea, and ochazuke (お茶漬け), is green tea poured over cooked rice. Well, oats ain’t exactly rice. They don’t cook into separate grains the way rice does. When you cook a pot of oats, you get a pot of … well … oatmeal. More like mashed potatoes than rice. The point being that you can’t really make ochazuke, unless you want something that’s more like porridge.

Since the inspirational idea for this meal uses green tea, I thought that would be my next step. This time I used 1min oatmeal, with green tea, and three packets of sweetner – the amount I normally use in my tea.

Result: Not bad. Too sweet. I forgot that I put 3 packets into 24oz of tea, not six.


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