The meal, not the anime. MJ did some bacon crumbles for our spargle the other night, and I snagged the remaining bacon grease for use in The Oataku Project.

Standard oatmeal breakfast, made with water, not broth, with a dining teaspoon of congealed bacon grease. Added only salt and potato flakes. This is to establish a baseline. Boiled the water, added the bacon grease. The smell was divine. The final product, not so much. All the flavor had gone up in steam. Added salt helped, but it was still just oatmeal, with a slight hint of some other flavor. The potatoes came through well.

Second experiment, standard 3:1 mix of chicken broth and white wine, sage, salt, potatoes. Teaspoon of grease. Didn’t help. If anything, the presence of the grease changed the flavor dynamics so that even this old standard tasted bland.

Not horrible. Um…..


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