Bought a block of firm tofu last week, to try in a stir-fry while MJ was on a trip. Neither of us is a big fan of tofu, for some reason, and I do these experiments from time to time only because it’s reportedly healthy (you know, like kale), and it will cut down on my risk of breast cancer. Well, the stir-fry was acceptable (meets minimum standards), but not great, and that left me with most of a slab of tofu, and most of three trafficlight peppers (Safeway’s new merchandising scheme — a red, a yellow, and a green bell pepper in a plastic tube — looks like a traffic light, get it? get it?). Since I’m not yet ready for peppered oatmeal, I decided to dice up some tofu and use it in place of the potato. I cut a slice off the slab — say a 3×5 cardsworth, about 1/4″ thick — and diced into 1/4″ dice. Gave me just over 1/4 cup and I’m beginning to regret getting rid of the keyboard with the automatic 1/4 key. Cooking liquid of choice was chicken stock.

Result: Not bad. The tofu soaked up the chicken flavor and didn’t give off much of that distinctive tofutaste. Next time, I’ll try it with dashi and shoyu.


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