Three Years

I started this blog on this day, three years ago. Since then, I’ve moved from my original tool to WordPress, changed the name, included pictures, kept on blogging. The stats are slightly off, since WordPress only counts starting from the Great Renaming, in May of 2010. Since then, I’ve averaged 7 hits per day — 12/day this year, up from 4/day my first year. That level is fine with me, because I’m doing this mostly for fun. It would be nice to know that what I write had greater meaning, but systems people are steely-eyed realists, and the level of effort I can put in right now is deserving of no great flow of visitors. So, thanks to my handful of real friends, and also to the dozen or so who just stopped by now and then. I plan to keep at it. You can too.


2 Responses to “Three Years”

  1. Kurt Says:

    If nothing else, it’s an avenue for framing your thoughts for future conversations and giving yourself the satisfaction of knowing you can do so. Also, the number of visitors isn’t always as important as the quality. I’m not counting me–I’m haphazard on a good day. The only way I can think of to increase readership is to leave salient comments on key blogs (regardless of topic, since your interests and commentary vary), with your sig leading them back to this blog. But you aren’t making a career out of blogging–you have a real job (quote unquote redacted because “real job” isn’t salacious, naughty, wink-worth, or ironic.)

    • FoundOnWeb Says:

      Oh “real job” is appropriate. It’s a kind of fantasy cosplay. I dress up like a professor and pretend to teach, and they dress down like students and pretend to learn. Sometimes they pretend they’ve come to class. It’s like that large virtual classroom in Unseen U.

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