In the interest of equal rights for starches, I thought I’d try rice instead of potatoes as an oatmeal additive. This uses leftover rice from the night before. You know, the stuff that’s gotten really hard in the fridge.

Experiment 1: I used a scant quarter cup of rice, which is probably half again the weight of a rehydrated tablespoon of potato buds, plus a hefty quarter cup of 20min oats. I also used up the last of my current pack of Golden Curry. Beef broth.

Results: Very good. Even with the curry dominating everything, the rice flavor was there, and the rice grains gave it a very different mouth feel. I plan to do it again, without the curry.

Experiment 2: Same setup, except with a cup of vegetable broth, and a quarter cup of Coors beer.

Results: OK. Pretty bland. A grab sample of shredded cheese did wonders for it.


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