Golden Curry Oatmeal 2

So, here we are at post #300, and I’m beginning to start a tradition — blogging about curried oatmeal on a double-zero milestone. Hey, we can’t all celebrate Spring at Stonehenge.

Since last I wrote, Golden Curry has been my condiment of choice for a certain kind of breakfast oatmeal — a sweet, fruity curry — apple juice, apricot jam, golden curry, oatmeal. It is really good.

I have also been trying, from time to time, to find a way to incorporate beef broth in my oatmeals, just because I want to maintan a rotation of open broths in the ‘fridge. Beef broth is problematic. I can put chicken broth in, and a few additives, and know it will be good. Beef requires special handling. What I’ve found is that beef wants gravy.

So, here is my beef broth / Golden Curry combo. This is a savory curry, not a sweet one.

1/3 cup 20min oatmeal
1.3 cups beef stock
block of Golden Curry
potato flakes to thicken
salt to taste, and yes, it needs salt

You want to have a noticable amount of potato, but not so much that it soaks up all the gravy. If it’s too thin, it’s soupy. It needs to be stew-thick.

Result: Very good. Not great. Not overly curried – it comes through as almost a black pepper taste. It tastes good while you’re eating it, then five minutes later you say “what was that like?”


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