Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120326

We kicked off the first day of Spring here in the NENW with half an inch of snow and 30knt winds. My indoor plants sprouted, and turned all spindly. On the second day of Spring, we had 4″ of snow.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, my friend Deb “Red Hands” Tolman, made a big hit with her keyhole garden class in San Saba.

Last year, MJ bought me a plastic greenhouse — about 5x4x6ft of plug-together tubing covered with fairly heavy plastic, with 11 wire shelves to put plants on. Over the winter the snow collapsed it, to the point that some of the tubes bent and others poked their way through the plastic. It’s pretty much a write-off. I was able to salvage one section of the shelving, roughly 1x3x3ft, and I’ve brought it inside to start my plants on. After they sprout on the bottom heater, I repotted them and move them onto the bottom shelf. The second shelf has room for about four flourescent lights, vaguely like grow lights. I hope to keep the peas growing in that for another week or so, and the tomatoes until I do my early plant-out in May. We shall see.

Things got a little better towards the end of the week, and I was able to break up some old and rotted stumps for inclusion in the keyhole garden. There’s no great rush, since the weather won’t let me plant much in it for another two months. On Friday, as a break from grading, I took a section of wire fencing and wrapped it into a cylinder for the center hole. It turned out to be a little bigger in diameter and a little taller than was needed. Folding and crimping solved one problem, and I’ll wait until the whole KHG is closer to completion before I look at taking a wire cutter to the height problem.

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