Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120409

We had a break in the weather last Monday, so I cut the bottoms out of fifteen assorted plastic bottles and planted out my peas. They seem to have survived the snow and the frosts and the squirrels.

So Friday was the first day that our local compost center was open.

They shred the garden waste turned in and then mix it with biosolids (30%) — AKA processed poop — and wood chips (30%), and let it compost inside for two months at a temperature of 132-155F. Then it’s piled outside for another two months, and then they sell it for $16 a yard.

I went down and got two garbage cans full. Well, not quite full — I couldn’t have lifted them if they were, for $6.50. When I got home I had to tip them into the wheelbarrow and take half a can at a time down to the keyhole garden. It made a nice layer on top of everything, but didn’t begin to give me the volcanic cone that KHGs are supposed to have. The wood chips make the compost a little coarse, with 2-3″ chunks of shredded treestuff throughout. I plan to go back next month (it’s only open three hours a day on two Fridays a month, and I’ll miss the next one) for two more cans. Then, I’ll plop down about 6 or 8 cuft of potting soil, wait a couple of weeks, and start planting out in mid May.

Meanwhile, I’ve laid out the plastic from the collapsed greenhouse to help warm up the soil and keep off squirrels. I plan to pull it back and cultivate every few days, and then broadcast plant spinach and see how that does, with the plastic left on for a good long time. By the time the spinach and the peas are ready for harvest, it will be time to dig everything over and plant real stuff.

GARDENING ADVICE: If you are going to put a 3ft long container full of soggy potting soil and newly sprouted lettuces on a sunny window sill, make sure the sill is wide enough to hold it before you go off and leave it overnight.

Just sayin.


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