Ten Things that work well with oatmeal (in place of bland old water):

1. Apple juice
With with apple jelly topping, it’s very…apple-y

2. Minute Maid Five Fruit Blend (apple, grape, pomegranite, blueberry, raspberry)
With non-dairy creamer topping. Tart but nice.

3. EarthWise Orange/Carrot/Mango juice
With orange marmalade topping, it’s very…orangy

4. Safeway 100% Valencia Orange Juice, with pulp, with glop of marmelade. 20min oatmeal.
(incredibly orangy..er)

(MJ’s had a cold this week, can you tell?)

5. Dry sherry (< 1/4 cup), Beef broth (to make a cup). Rosemary/garlick grind. 20min oatmeal. Go a little light on the oatmeal so you have some gravy

6. Chicken stock with Golden Curry, and a little yogurt at the end.

7. Chicken stock on its own, with salt.

8. Roasted Red Pepper Bisque, with beef stock.

9. Orrington Farms Ham flavored soup base. With cheese.

10. Almost anything with cheese and pepper

Note: these are all 1/4 cup oatmeal (usually the one-minute semi-instant) plus one tablespoon potato buds plus usually salt plus slightly less than 2/3 cup of the liquid mentioned (for the one-minute oatmeal), or almost one whole cup (for the 20 minute variety). Add the potatoes at the end.

Disclaimer: No, Safeway and Minute Maid didn't pay me to say their juice tasted good when boiled for twenty minutes with oatmeal.


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2 Responses to “Oatie-Ayes”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Do you mean you had to boil Minute Maid for 20 minutes with oatmeal to make it taste good? These sound like really tasty variations–they’re going on my list.

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