Cheesy Oats

Next up, in our intermittent evaluation of cheese and oats, is another impulse buy, Kerrygold’s Dubliner Cheese. For those in the Pacific Northwest, it tastes a lot like WSU’s Cougar Gold, only not as gritty. I am told, by the way, that the grittiness of Cougar Gold is intentional, and that we didn’t just get a whole string of overcrystallized cans. While the flavor of both wouldn’t be called ‘delicate’, it’s not a strong flavor. That’s probably the reason Dubliner Cheese doesn’t stand up well against the bland. Nice cheese. Good on crackers. Don’t put it on your oatmeal unless you add something more.


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One Response to “Cheesy Oats”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    We buy that and the KG Vintage Cheddar at Costco–about 1/3 cheaper than anywhere else. The VC–at the same price–is creamier and has a bit more flavor, and might go better with oats. Both cheeses are good with bread, crackers, or just on soup. Although some more animated pundits claim that no cheese beats a Wensleydale.

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