They Hate Us for Our Freedoms 10

A friend of mine made this comment on an earlier entry:

I have a loose knit hypothesis (aka notion) that the purpose of the TSA is not to stop terrorism directly but to increase the fear or irritation level (and thus volume and amount of discussion) so that everyone is worried about their relative or cor-worker, or that guy on the bus and report him. Which is one of the real symptoms of a police state–where we self-police out of fear as a by-product of irrational rhetoric.

One of the purposes of brainwashing is to break down the social ties that hold a group together. I used to have a tape (R2R) of a talk by one of the psychologists who dealt with returnees from NK prison camps after the Korean War, one of the people who developed the Code of Conduct. On it, he said that the returnees never talked to each other. “You could walk onto the ward at any time of the day or night and there was silence. They’d talk to the staff. They’d talk to us. They wouldn’t talk to each other”. This unwillingness to communicate within their own community of former POW camp inmates was a direct result of a long and skillful program on the part of the NK military, direct heirs of the Stalinist era. This was the true ‘brainwashing’, not some Manchurian Candidate project. The goal was to break down trust, to inhibit communication, to isolate each soldier within their own little shell. This made it possible to guard their POW camps with one tenth the number of guards that normal doctrine calls for.

Police states like this approach, because it makes antigovernment plots difficult or impossible. This was the approach of the KGB. It was the approach of Hitler’s Gestapo, and their cultural heirs, the East German Stasi — when The Wall came down we found there were thousands of informers. If you are afraid to think subversive thoughts, if you cannot trust anyone, if you build in a cultural aversion to criticism, then The State has won. I remember reading somewhere that the US has no ‘theory of the state’, the way that theory developed in Europe, because for our whole history the state was the people. That is no longer true. The goals of The State and the goals of The People are no longer congruent.

DHS and FBI are, I believe, working to make this happen among the young, disaffected members of the Muslim community. In the 60’s, long-haired hippies could blithely talk about overthrowing the government and it didn’t matter. Today, the DHS wants you to internalize the idea that even thinking about something like that can get you decades in a high security prison. So they go out and find gullible fools who are already talking about these things, the way gullible fools talk, and they convince them they are high-class terrorists who should follow through on their plans. If it were any other crime, the prosecutor would point to the laws on entrapment, and the judge would throw them out of court. So our continuing round of FBI triumphal announcements of the breakup of terrorist plots (by incompetent losers egged on by paid agents provocateurs) isn’t just self-seeking PR, it’s a policy decision and a tactic. Under any other circumstances it would be illegal. Use the T word, and any violation of civil rights is sanctioned.


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