Droid X Power-Off Issues – Update on the Update

So, it looks like Motorola has finally fixed failed in their purported attempt to fix the ‘independent power on’ problem.

When the OS upgrade came out, I thought it was fixed. So did everyone else. I tried it a couple of times and it worked — when I powered it off, it stayed that way. Then, this week, I started noticing a few hits on the topic here.

I hadn’t been paying much attention, because I’ve been using the phone as an alarm clock (Passing of Time is a much nicer way to wake up, and why don’t alarm clock makers add an mp3 option?), and so rarely turn it off. Last night I did, and five minutes later it came back on. In another month or so I’m elegible for a phone upgrade with Verizon, and I think I might just go with a non-Motorola model.


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