Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120514

The weather is warming now, and the gardenizing is kicking into high gear.

The Wednesday night 31F prediction actually happened on Thursday night — I brought the four tomato pots inside, put plastic water bottles over the tomatoes and squash in the KHG, and covered that with a tarp. After watering for about 20min. Everything survived.

Friday, I put in some more squash, some walla walla sweet onions, bok choi, and daw gauk beans into the KHG. Put up another hanging basket with cherry tomatoes in it. Planted a 36x4x4 tray with a mixture of French greens, and another one with some buttercrunch and baby romain lettuce. Potted two more tomato plants. It’s hard to know when to stop. Last year we got the equivalent of one tomato for every seed I started.

Sunday I reserved for putting in some Swiss chard and some daikons, peas, and more lettuce. I also went out and bought a Sweet 100 at the local hardware store and planted it in a biggish container.

Now, there’s nothing to do but weed and water and wait for mid-June.

MJ harvested some of our Unkillable Rhubarbâ„¢ and cut it up and boiled and stir-sticked it to make a quick rhubarb BBQ dipping sauce. Very good. Was heavy on the brown sugar, with yellow mustard, so I guess it’s like a South Carolina sauce. The leaves went into the compost bin (the one I’m filling up to put into Section 2 of the KGH). I looked on the Interwebs and they said it was OK, despite the oxalic acid — they wouldn’t let them put it online if it wasn’t true, would they?


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