Oats a L’Orange

Had some prepackaged duck from the store, with a packet of orange sauce. Not a bad dinner, and there was about a quarter cup of the sauce left over, so I tried it in oatmeal. (He’s at that age, you know — everything he picks up goes straight into his oatmeal). Very plain prep: oatmeal, sauce, water to make a cup, salt.

Then I left it a little long, and it cooked down a bit more than I wanted. After we got the smoke detector turned off, I rehydrated it with a little orange juice, and sweetened it with some apricot jam, being out of marmalade.

Result: Not impressed. I’m sure there’s a good recipe in there somewhere, but I think I’d rather go with a full up orange juice, etc., than recycling duck sauce. Maybe use it as a topping


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