Eliza Doolittle Day Doin’s

In honor of Eliza Doolittle Day, Sunday, the 20th of May, we are staging an annular eclipse of the Sun. In the NENW it will start about 5:30PM. This description, from the LA Times, is pretty good. Here’s a simulation for Washington State (the full page lists all the states…worth listing)

Easiest setup for viewing is
[–box with white paper…..cardboard with pinhole–|…..O sun
you, looking this way <… o_O

The pinhole projects the image of the sun on the paper. The longer the distance twixt cardboard and paper the bigger, and dimmer, the image.

It's safe, because you are looking towards the box and away from the sun. Don't look at the sun directly, you'll put somebody's eye out.


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