Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120528

Last time I said the weather for this last full week in May was forecast to be more like a week in April. I’d like to change that to read March, and maybe ‘early March’. It never snowed. It never frosted. But the sun rarely showed, and the wind rarely stopped. I am reminded of Neil Stephenson

The Cascades blocked any of those warm, moist, refreshing Pacific breezes, harvesting their moisture to carpet ski areas for dewy-skinned Seattleites, and diverting what remained north to Vancouver or south to Portland. Consequently the Palouse had to get its air shipped down in bulk from the Yukon and British Columbia. It flowed across the blasted volcanic scabland of central Washington in a more or less continuous laminar sheet


Blasted volcanic scabland. That’s us.

So the first part of this week was been more of a hunkering down. The plants may grow (the weeds certainly are), but I doubt that seedlings would survive.

It warmed up on Friday, and I started weeding. I found an old plastic bottle of starter fertelizer, with B vitamins, and took it onto the deck to use in my watering pot. Whereupon I dropped the bottle, and the impact point shattered like it was really old plastic. I managed to roll it over to hole-side-up, blotted the deckboards with newspaper (into the compost bin), and washed down the deck. There’s still a good third of a bottle left, so I’m going to use it on every plant in sight.

Meanwhile, nothing much has sprouted in the seed sprouter. I got one spindly seedling in the bin marked “spaghetti squash”, but it looks more like a stray tomato. Those were last years squash seeds anyway. On Sunday, I went around all the stores — Jarms Hardware, Safeway, Ben Franklin, Cheney Trading Company, even By God Huckleberry’s — and nobody had spaghetti squash seeds. Racks and racks of other squash. Maybe there’s been a Great Spaghetti Squash Blight that didn’t make Fox News. Finally, I found some at Cheney Feed and Tack. One small rack of seeds, not by any of the big names in the business. I planted three in 4″ pots outside, and three in 1″ pots in the seed starter.

Still no movement on the hops front. MJ talked to the hops man at a dog show, and he said they get their plantings very early, and sometimes they get old. If nothing comes up, I’ll try again next year. Maybe get the earliest possible delivery and start them in containers in the garage.



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