Cheesy Oats

The cheese saga continues. This time it’s Safeway brand butterkaase, a moderately soft (but not spreadable) cheese that’s perfect on crackers.

Beef broth, dried onion, ground garlic, ground rosemary, three drops of worcest… British sauce. Long cook oatmeal, powdered potatoes. Quarter cup of starting-to-harden butterkaase, cubed.

Result: Not bad. The cheese wasn’t too stringy, and the amount was right — enough to be noticed, but not enough to be considered a major component. A note on the spices. I have a grinder of RosemaryAndGarlic, and I have a Grinder of Garlic, and a bottle of Ground Rosemary. Today I used the last two, and the taste was noticeably different, probably better. I suppose I could mash up some whole garlic, and chop up some of that Safeway fresh rosemary and the result would be even fresher tasting. Or I could grow my own, and harvest them at dawn for breakfast. Later on, I could make my own clothes, out of sheep.


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