Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120604

Not much going on, garden-wise. Things are sprouting, things are growing. It’s the waiting part of spring, and so far the weather has been very springlike. T-storms in the forecast, so I’ll have to think of some way to protect the plants.

I’ve given up on the hops for this year, and have dumped a bunch of butterfly garden seeds on instead. Only my store bought cherry tomato has grown big enough to put out flowers, and all the early ones died.

I had an all-day meeting on the first Friday in June, so I’ll have to wait for the last Friday to buy my compost. That’s OK. The peas have started to flower, so I guess it will be another couple of weeks ’till we can harvest them. Then a lesurly week putting together Phase II of the KHG, and we top it all off with half a yard of compost.

One lonely spaghetti squash has sprouted in the sprouter. The outdoor ones haven’t shown yet.

The weeds are knee high under the cherry tree, and I chuckle at how surprised they’ll be when they end up at the bottom of the KHG.



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