Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120618

We are finally starting to get decent weather. Still cloudy and cool, but with some sun.

Trying an experiment with the cinderblock holes in the KHG. I have probably 9 or 10 spare tomato seedlings, including some Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. So I stuck two of them in the holes. If they don’t do well, well, c’est l’guerre.

This weekend started work on Section 2 of the KHG. Right now, it still has some peas, but they aren’t coming along fast enough to be worth keeping. Peapod salad, Wednesday! First step was to start putting up the cinderblock. I have one side done. Second side happens today. Endplate goes on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I have an idea that I think will work for filling it up. I have lots of uncrushed boxes. I have lots of uncut weeds — as in, knee high:

A year ago I cut the weeds by the birdbath down to the dirt, and planted oregano.
It appears that the weeds have come back

So I’ve started cutting the weeds and filling the boxes with them and leaving them out for the rain that’s cast for midweek. Also cutting up an old feral rosebush that I pulled up last year. That adds more brown.

Brown box of green and brown

As I load the garden I plan to run the sprinkler on everything. The remaining brown will be crumpled newspaper and shredded letters. Last time my problem was getting enough green. This time it will be getting enough brown. All the liquor store boxes have been snapped up by moving students. A small barrel of composting kitchen compost adds more green, as will three weeks of barista coffee grounds. A bin of charcoal dust that I’ve been collecting for the last couple of years will add more brown. I use real wood chunk charcoal, none of that chemical pressed briquette stuff.

Otherwise, things grow. Put some cornmeal around the smaller seedlings to keep off sowbugs. Picked up a packet of “compact plants” that I’m going to try on the deck — cantaloupe, watermelon, summer squash, cucumbers. We’ll see.


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