Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120716

Hot all week, with highs in the mid-90’s.

Continued work on the KHG. Got the walls completed, and pavers down on the North Landing. Just need to insert the knee-holes, and the fill. Section 4 is about half full of detritus, and I’m still thinking about getting a half a truckload of compost dumped in the driveway. Sunday, I started on a frame for part of sections 1 and 2 — old deck railing designed to hold netting, primarily to keep the dogs out, and to give the squash a source of support.

The hot weather is starting to have an effect. On the bad side, the radishes bolted, as did the daikon. My lone bok choy also bolted, without ever producing a real bok choy head. On the good side, the tomatoes are flowering like mad, and my S-100 already has 1/4″ tomatelets. The lettuces are taking longer to come back from their haircut, and I think it might be that successive cuts are further down the leaf. As an experiment, I’ll trim them a little higher each time. There’s gazillions of squash coming along, but nothing is ready yet.

One, at least, of my summer squash plants seems to be throwing off bad fruit — they don’t mature. Remain wrinkled. Blossom end rots (if it were a tomato, I’d know what to do). Squash falls off the vine. As far as I can tell, it’s all the fruit from one plant. Based on online research, I guess it is blossom end rot. Went around to the hardware stores, and found one little handpump bottle of feed that has CA in it. We’ll see if that works.

My Daw Gauk beans sprouted indoors just fine, and I’ve transplanted them to where the bok choy and daikon used to be. Call it my Asian corner.


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