Ginger Oats

A while back I bought a sushi bento at Safeway. Who knew that mere rice could be compressed into such a strong, rubbery compound? The bento included a couple packets of soy sauce, and one each of wasabi and pickled ginger. The wasabi wasn’t real wasabi, of course. It was American horseradish, dyed green. I tried it in oatmeal, to my everlasting regret. This time, I tried the pickled ginger.

The official name is gari (ガリ), and you usually see the pink slices served as a condiment with many Japanese dishes.

The setup was standard — beef stock, oatmeal, the packet of gari (about a tablespoonsworth, plus liquid).

Results: Not bad. An acquired taste, I think. The dose was just small enough to flavor the oatmeal without overwhelming it. The actual ginger bits gave a nice surprise crunch.


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