Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120730

Not much doin’. We’re in the ‘you grow girl’ part of summer. I decided that one way to use up the extra compost would be to extend Section 4 one brick North. That gives me a 27″ workspace on that end. I am right now watering it in, and this afternoon, I’ll plant carrots.



4 Responses to “Green Thumb Up My Nose”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    I spent yesterday building a very small tor at the edge of my sloping backyard as the base, w/ 12 inch pavers, for a relocated 8×10 tin shed, which we moved in the old fashioned way–4 people inside, each on a corner and the shed scuttling across the backyard as if by magic–except for the 4 pair of tennis shoes showing just underneath. My head is still spacey from the heat, digging, barkdust, etc.–a long prologue to explaining why I first read the last phrase in your entry as “this afternoon, I’ll cant parrots.” (Not recant, mind you.)

  2. vsinghsblog Says:

    Arrghh… you hardworking gardeners you!

  3. The Annals of Vladimir Ouch « Antariksh Yatra Says:

    […] much.  Sadly (or gladly?) I have neither the time nor energy to be a hardworking gardener, like certain of my friends. […]

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